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To complement our Eden Mattress, we have developed our innovative and sustainable Complete Knock Down CKD, Breathable bed base foundation called Envirobase.


About Our


  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, our proprietary Envirobase has been designed to support combined dynamic loads of over 300kgs.
  • Envirobase is easily assembled with a few tool-less clicks, complemented with a slip-on-off classic cover to provide easy access to concealed storage space.
  • No worries about airing out your mattress, Envirobase naturally aerates your mattress, reducing Heat and Moisture build up, further contributing to a cooler, drier, regulated sleep environment.
  • Conveniently packaged to reduce the distribution carbon foot by 80% you will never have to worry about navigating tight staircases and doorways ever again.
  • Thinking about storage we also offer collapsible, Envirobase storage containers which can easily fit into the concealed storage.
  • Finally, to satisfy the fashionistas, we have developed our fashion wraps and upholstered fashion panels and headboards that can be easily retrofitted onto your Envirobase to ensure you always are in fashion without costing you an “arm and a leg”
  • For now, it is available in the Double and Queen standard length.

Envirobase Storage

Detailed Assembly

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