Sleep In Paradise

For The Health & Environmentally Conscious Consumer

Exceptional Service

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process ensuring that you feel confident in your purchase.

The Eden Match

Our personalised mattress recommendation service considers your unique characteristics for an 80% match tailored to your specific needs. Wake up feeling fully rejuvenated with a mattress that ensures you "Sleep in Paradise."

Our Guarantee

At Eden, we stand behind the quality of our mattresses. That's why we offer a 2-year guarantee against any product faults, as well as a 10-year service warranty on all our mattresses.


Peace Of Mind

For your peace of mind, we offer a 100-night risk free trial.

Best in Class Pressure Relieving Support

Convenient, Sustainable packaging

Fashionable, Functional, Washable Covers

100 Night Risk-Free Trial 2 Year Guarantee, 10 Year Service Warranty

Effortless Online Shopping, Free Delivery within 72 Hours


Our All-New Collection

Experience Pressure-Relieving Support and Optimal Spine Alignment


Built with Science, made for Sleep.

We use Human Body Profiling and Pressure Mapping Technology to create a targeted zonal configuration of pocket coils with Edge2Edge support foam.

Effortless Set-up

1. Unpackaged

Simply cut the BonBon outer packaging by following the cutting line.
Take care not to cut the inner packaging.
If you cut through both layers by accident,  just take care as your
Eden Mattress Springs to life quickly

2. Position & Unwrap

Position your Eden Mattress on your base with Eden Fabric on
top, with Eden Lable at the foot of your base.
Simply cut the inner packaging and watch as your Eden
Mattress magically “Springs to Life”.
Take care not to cut the cover of your Investment.

3. Sleep In Paradise

Remove the plastic, make your bed and get ready to “Sleep in
and awaken fully Rejuvenated.
Please note that your mattress will take approximately 3 hours to
reach its optimum comfort and Expansion Level.

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