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In the Beginning...

The leading foam manufacturer and the leading spring manufacturer, decided to get together and settle a decade long debate on which mattress construction was the best Foam or Spring.

Both having worked with the leading international and local bedding brands for decades, with knowledge of “Best in Class” bedding constructions, global sleep technology and pressure mapping body science, they finally concluded, that only a combination of these materials constructed with a Zoned Pocket Coil Spring Support System and a Technical Foam Comfort System can create the ideal Sleep Rejuvenation Device SRD, commonly known as a mattress.

“To provide the
health and environmental consciousness consumer
with a range of premium mattresses that they can invest in,
ensuring their “Sleep in Paradise” allows you to awaken fully rejuvenated”.

We also prioritise
Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing,
while Maximising Local Content,
to ensure our products meet the highest standards


Better Sleep for a Healthier Life

To ensure that you are effectively rejuvenated while sleeping, we considered all physical elements that affect the human body while sleeping and incorporated the best technology to minimise, enhance, or neutralise them.

We also wanted to ensure that our products are sustainably and ethically manufactured, while maximising local content.

  • Most mattress manufacturers focus on support, with little consideration given to the impact of incorrect or excessive support in creating pressure points and spine misalignment that increases “Tossing and Turning” T&T while sleeping.
  • Using Human Body Profiling and Pressure Mapping Technology we developed our RibZone Pocket Spring core , comprising of multiple parallel and nested ribs of pocket coils, manufactured from triple tempered wire, arranged in a targeted zonal configurations, encased with our Edge2Edge support foam.
  • Depending on your unique body profile and metrics our Mattress Match will effectively suggest the most appropriate Eden Mattress, be it UNO, TRIO or PENTO that will mould to your unique body profile, dramatically reducing T&T by ensuring:
    • Optimum Pressure Relieving Support
    • Neutral Spine Alignment
    • Reduced Pressure Points
    • Limited Motion Transfer,
  • Our robust Edge2Edge support, further stabilising the RibZone Core, increasing the sleeping area, limiting sagging, while supporting you when getting in and out of bed
  • Comfort is your personal preference be it “Plush, Medium and Firm”, and the comfort system in a mattress is designed to make the sleeping experience as enjoyable as possible. Plush, softer comfort layers, cradle the body and redistribute pressure, while firmer options limit sinkage to promote proper spinal align. It is a misconception that a firm mattress translates into a better-quality mattress.
  • The Eden Comfort System is designed using premium density conventional and technical foams to achieve your desired level of comfort, be it “Plush, Medium and Firm” providing you with the best balance between Comfort and Support, while:
    • Limiting Motion Transfer
    • Insulating any Noise
    • Aiding in Temperature & Moisture regulation.
  • A quality mattress is an Investment for at least 10 years. In this time, you would have changed your Car Twice, your Cell Phone 5 times and your Spouse 1.25 times.
  • To ensure that you maximise your ROI, Return on Investment, we only use the Best-In-Class materials complemented by stringent production quality standards.
  • Heat and Moisture build up generated while we sleep creates an exceptionally uncomfortable sleep environment further contributing to excessive “T&T”. Our RibZone Core in combination with our Gel Infused Comfort System allows for effective heat and moisture dissipation resulting in a Cooler, Drier, Regulated sleep environment.
  • Depending on the climatic conditions, the average human sweats around 200 milliliters per night excluding the occasional “Night Sweat”. A percentage of this sweat is being absorbed into your mattress, which together heat build up and natural skin shedding creates an ideal breeding ground for Dust Mites, Mold & Mildew
  • Rotating, airing out, vacuuming and chemical cleaning of your mattress is recommended however the effectiveness is dependent on the effort required and frequency of application.
  • To ease your Eden Mattress Hygiene Management, we have introduced our Waterfall Cover.
  • Our Fashionable & Functional Waterfall covers offers a Free-Flowing Contemporary Style which is a Step Change from the Traditional Tape Edged mattresses cover.
  • Tailored from a superior Multi-stretch Knitted top fabric which is coupled to a Woven Non-stretch Structured base fabric via a Contoured Zip, our Waterfall cover enables you to easily access to comfort layers for Periodic Rotation or Removal for washing.
  • While not a Physical Factor that affects your sleep, our Health and Environmentally Conscious Consumers want to ensure that they contribute to a Greener Economy, which feeds and comforts One’s Soul, contributing to the rejuvenation experience of “Sleep in Paradise” on our Eden Mattress.
  • To help achieve this, our Eden Mattresses are Conveniently and Sustainably packaged in our BonBon Packaging
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